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Being a mathematician’s baby

Being a mathematician’s baby

Posted 4 months ago

The Mathematicians’ Tree is based on three simple relationships:
(1) Solid line: A-> B means that A was the supervisor of B
(2) No solid line: A - -> B means that B was just another student in the lessons of A
(3) Without the arrow: A-B means that A and B were members of the same family
(4) Bold line means that 1 and 3 are true

Obviously there are mathematicians and physicists, among others.

Make your own family trees or plot other graphs with Graphviz software.

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Magnetic loops carry gas and dust above disks of planet-forming material circling stars, as shown in this artist’s conception. These loops give off extra heat, which NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope detects as infrared light. The colors in this illustration show what an alien observer with eyes sensitive to both visible light and infrared wavelengths might see.

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Taked from Devian Art

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"The Queens jail". Be careful promoting your pawns. Draw by stalemate is the last option for saving the match.